What is 'Place'?

Place can mean many things to people but it's perhaps most easily understood as the physical environment around us, the people within that environment (the social environment) and the interaction of the two, the physical place and people.

Watch our animation to find out how place affects our lives and how place-based approaches can lead to better outcomes for people and the environment.

New – Place Standard tool Children and Young Peoples’ Versions

Two new versions of the Place Standard tool have been developed to support children and young people participating in conversations about their places, assessing the quality of their places and identifying change and improvement. Both tools have been adapted and developed by Play Scotland and A Place in Childhood in consultations with children and young people.

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Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans offer communities the opportunity to develop proposals for their local area, expressing their aspirations and ambitions for future change.

Legislation on the preparation, submission and registration of Local Place Plans came into force on 22nd January.

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The Place Based Framework

The Place Based Framework builds on existing good work across Scotland to provide a mechanism for how place-based working can be implemented effectively.

The simple goal is to make sure that efforts, investments and resources are brought together for the greatest overall benefit.

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People in Place

Getting involved with place-based work can take different forms depending on issues like our interests, capacity and experience.

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Communities and Third Sector

The knowledge, energy and expertise of local people, community groups and third sector organisations is essential to create and develop successful places.

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Public Sector

Working in a place-based way can provide multiple benefits for the public sector - from maximising resources to greatly increasing the impact and positive outcomes for communities.

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Our Place - A Place for Everyone

Understanding place is complex- it involves everyone and everywhere.

And so Our Place wants to be a place for everyone. We want to share information, learning, resources and views from everyone involved in place and place-based approaches.

If you have something you think could be included on Our Place then we want to hear from you. You can click the link below to get in touch and help to increase the impact of place to transform lives and support the environment.

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