Turning to nature

When faced with some of the problems in relation to our climate and the environment; the need to reduce carbon, to protect ourselves from flooding, heatwaves and droughts we may think we can build our way out of the problem. However, there are real advantages in turning to nature for solutions to our human made problems.

Nature based solutions are actions to protect, restore and sustainably manage ecosystems; leaving them in place and taking care of them so that they can tackle environmental and societal challenges, helping us to mitigate and adapt to climate change, providing benefits for wellbeing and biodiversity.

Our coasts, marine environment, rivers, lochs and wetlands, our land and soil, peatlands, trees and woodlands may be are our greatest assets in tackling climate change; reducing net emissions, expanding carbon sinks and providing habitats for biodiversity. The actions and activities around Nature Based Solutions are specific to each place and they centre around the protection, restoration and in many cases the re-introduction of nature and nature systems to a place.

When compared to technological solutions, nature based solutions can be more cost effective and longer lasting, bringing additional benefits to the resilience and attractiveness of a place, benefiting both us and nature.

Nature based solutions

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Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities.

It also manages a network of around 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland and is a member of the UK-wide Wildlife Trusts movement.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust website has a wide range of useful resources on wildlife and nature

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