The Make Your Mark Charrette invited local people in East Pollokshields and Port Eglinton in Glasgow to take part in a series of workshops and activities and contribute their views and ideas for the future of the area. Led by Pollokshields community Council and a team of architects and designers led by Collective Architecture and Dressed for the Weather, the project delivered a range of short, medium and long term objectives.

A diagram showing ideas and recommendations for Pollokshields East Image by Collective Architecture / Dress for the Weather

Charrettes bring together local people and a team of design professionals, who work collaboratively to create future plans through a series of events and activities held over a short time period, typically four days to one week. As part of the Make Your Mark project, residents and other local stakeholders became part of a dynamic creative environment, working with architects and other urban design professionals to shape drawings and other materials. The process began with a number of activities on-street and at local events, before a series of workshops in a local venue.

Participants working together over a map as part of a design workshop Photo by Ross Campbell Photography

Together, we used the Place Standard Tool to ensure our design conversations covered a holistic range of issues. We drew up short, medium and long term visions and priorities under a series of five key themes that could be delivered via a newly formed Trust, Council and local partners. Whilst good communication and design ambition were critical, it was clear that governance mechanisms, collaboration and resources were required to enable residents to fully influence the development of their local area.

Jude Barber, Director - Collective Architecture

Charrettes are normally undertaken by local authorities but in this case Pollokshields Community Council raised funds with a matching contribution from the Scottish Government to deliver the project.

Header image: Photo by Ross Campbell Photography

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