Following consultation between Glasgow Allotments Forum (GAF) and Public Health Scotland (PHS) a simulation was carried out to establish the effectiveness of the 2015 version of the Place Standard Tool (PST) as a means of engaging local people in decisions about the role of food growing activities in an urban environment. The results of this work are available within a short report and a webinar.

The report is available on the Glasgow Allotments Forum site here: Re-imagining the Public Realm – A Walk in the Park with the Place Standard Tool – Glasgow Allotments Forum

To view the webinar follow the link to the Glasgow Allotments Forum, select the section on GAF Campaigns, Reports & Policy Responses and you will find it under June 2022. 

Download the 2022 report from Re-imagining-the-Public-Realm-A-Walk-in-the-Park-with-the-Place-Standard-Tool