Delivering transformational change requires a programme approach based on establishing:

  • Conditions for Success which reflect a leadership commitment from partners and stakeholders to engage and follow through, ensure that different voices are fully participating to reflect the diversity of each place, and support anchor collaborations.
  • A Route Map that addresses the core questions and confirms the programme objectives, setting out how to make things happens, within an accountable programme structure to oversee the process.
  • A Basis for Action which identifies the relevant national and local priorities supporting a compelling case for change, how proposed actions fit within wider system change programmes, and a coherent and credible pathway to delivery.

These essential steps recognise the need to underpin place based aspirations with credible business cases that attract funding, with implementation plans that are feasible. 


Core Questions:


1.    What are our objectives?

What are the key outcomes? The specific objectives that individual and collective investments will deliver.

How will we measure success? A clear articulation of  the observable, reported, or quantifiable impact expected.

2.    How are we going to do this?

What’s the route map? What needs to happen, when and by whom.

What resources do we need? The inputs required – people, funding, assets, support – to deliver the plan.

3.    How do we organise ourselves?

 What’s the right  programme structure? Sustaining collective leadership accountability, and participation.

Place Oversight

To make sense of a complex, collaborative landscape, a forum for voices to be heard and for decision to be made is required.

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