The Place Standard tool Design Version is a complementary addition to the original Place Standard tool.

The Place Standard tool Design Version provides a method and a structure through which the Place Standard tool can directly inform the emerging design of a development or a place. Based on holistic place-based thinking, it supports users to structure design considerations, discussions, and decision-making around an emerging development proposal.
The Design Version can be used by anyone with an interest or stake in the development process, in particular, developers (and commissioners of developments), spatial planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, transport planners; as well as planners in local authority planning and development management teams. 

Based on the same 14 evidence-based themes as the original Place Standard tool, the Design Version organises these into 5 overarching categories. It uses  design-orientated focus areas and detailed prompts that are referenced to urban design principles and linked to Scottish Government national design policies and guidance, to guide the design and development processes. 

These considerations help to seek design solutions as a response to assessment and conversations which emerged from using the original Place Standard tool. In doing so, the Design Version provides a link between the output of the original tool and the eventual outcome of a project or a development proposal. 

The Design Version offers the flexibility to suit different stages in the design and development processes. You can apply it at any step from the creation of a high level design brief, to concept design and detailed design, through to design review and delivery stages.

Place Standard Design Version

The Place Standard tool Design version can be applied to a range of projects from design briefs, to plans, to delivery of projects. It's free and easy to use. Why don’t you download the document and try it out?

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