The Place Standard Learning Resource was originally designed specifically to be used by communities and third sector organisations to introduce the Place Standard tool and its benefits and to help them to undertake a Place Standard assessment. However, experience shows it can be useful for any individual or group looking to benefit from using the Place Standard tool to understand their place.

The Learning Resource guidebook outlines the steps required to plan your use of the Place Standard tool, offers suggestions on the best ways of carrying out this plan and gives guidance on what you can do with your findings. The purpose is to ensure that your overall engagement is successful from start to finish, and culminates with an action plan on how to carry your place’s priorities forward.


This guidebook is split up into modules so you can use each one when it is relevant to you and at a speed to match your needs. Within each module you will find information, activities, questions to stimulate discussion and templates to fill in. These templates will help you complete each section and at the end of the process, they can be compiled into your final report and actions.


It will be useful to support all types of Place Standard engagement, with any target audience(s). It should be used alongside the main Place Standard Guidance and supporting materials.


We'd love to hear from you with feedback on the Learning Resource and how you are planning to use the Place Standard tool in your place. Simply email

Place Standard Learning Resource

You can download all four modules of the Place Standard learning resource and work through it at your leisure. Various templates and checklists will help you plan and deliver your Place Standard project.

Download the Learning Resource as PDF