A report that shares learning and case studies of the Climate Action Towns project and a toolkit to explore ideas and activities for embedding climate action in your place.

Architecture and Design Scotland has worked with nine towns in Scotland to develop their own plans to adapt to and mitigate against the risks of climate change. They have worked directly with communities, local businesses and local authorities in each town to understand what mattered most to them, what they could achieve and how to get it done collaboratively. This 3-year project was supported by the Scottish Government and was concluded in March 2024.

Architecture and Design Scotland has pulled together key learnings points from the project into a report, a series of short videos and a toolkit which provides a range of ideas and activities to support community-led climate action.

These resources are aimed at a range of audiences. Some may be more relevant to you than others, but together they set out how you can identify the climate action initiatives relevant to your place.

Looking to embed climate action in your place? This toolkit takes you through the process as followed by the Climate Action Towns project team, and the tools used, which include the Place Standard with a Climate Lens. This helps to break it down into manageable steps.

Want to learn more about the Climate Action Towns project? This report shares a summary from the three-year Climate Action Towns project and provides reflection and learning from the each of the nine towns involved.

Want to hear from the project participants and learn about the impacts on their town? Architecture and Design Scotland have pulled together short videos from the three-year project, which you can access here.

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