In this focus piece, partner organisations Clackmannanshire (Clacks) Council and Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) share their experiences of applying the Place Standard to facilitate first professional collaboration and then community consultation, to inform housing design and town centre investment in Alloa.

Over the coming years, Clackmannanshire Council, along with the Business Improvement District (BID) body Alloa First, is delivering improvements to the town centre of Alloa, with an emphasis on re-introducing housing to the town centre and meeting the needs of the elderly population. The starting point of the initiative was a development of new multi-generational housing by Kingdom Housing Association in Alloa town centre. Following a design workshop with Architecture & Design Scotland (A&DS), and given local political sensitivities, the council recognised that an improvement of local services and infrastructure were required alongside the new housing to meet the needs of elderly residents. Two stages of Place Standard work followed.

The first stage (supported by A&DS and Scottish Government (SG)), tested requirements for the town centre. The second stage was a major community consultation in early 2019, led by the council and Alloa First, and facilitated by CTSI. These events were catalysts for change including new multi-generational housing, a new town centre masterplan, local infrastructure improvements, and service planning including care in the community.

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