See how the tool has been used to inform a range of policies, frameworks and plans for improvement, development and regeneration at settlement scale.

These examples demonstrate use of the tool in:

A design charrette (community-led design) to identify opportunities for improvement in Kincardine, Fife

A two-stage charrette (community-led design) to inform a new place plan for Kirkwall, Orkney

An iterative series of community events to inform a settlement statement and establish a community brief for improvements in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire.

Key learning points identified by A&DS

These cases studies demonstrate diverse applications and impacts of the Place Standard tool. Most notably:

In Kincardine and Kirkwall, the tool was deployed effectively as part of a wider programme of consultation activities, including pre-charrette engagement

Visual and graphic aids have been used to communicate the tool in dynamic and accessible ways, including large vinyl floor maps in Kirkwall

Whilst mostly used indoors in a group or workshop setting, the tool was also used outdoor on-street by groups of secondary pupils in Kincardine

The iterative use and re-use of the tool is also evident in a number of cases where attention is narrowed down to smaller areas, or ideas are followed through to specific action planning, as in Portlethen

In Kincardine, use of the tool identified opportunities for community-led action, and also opened up discussions with various landowners about land use and access.

Place Standard tool - Settlement Scale

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