The ambition of the Shaping Places for Wellbeing Programme is to: Improve Scotland’s wellbeing by reducing the significant inequality in the health of its people while addressing the health of our planet.

Many in Scotland are fortunate enough to experience not just the absence of disease or illness (health), but the combination of physical, mental and emotional factors that leaves us feeling good and functioning well (wellbeing). However, with the worst health inequalities in Western Europe, we know this is not the experience of all of Scotland’s people. Our programme focusses on the evidenced impact that the places where we live, work and relax have on our ability not just to stay healthy but to experience wellbeing.

Places are proven to have a positive and/ or negative impact on our wellbeing and, in many cases, a negative impact is the result of the unintended consequences of well meant decisions. Local Councils and their partners have a key opportunity, when making decisions, to consider the impact their choices have on their places and the opportunity to consider improving places as part of delivering on their overall ambitions.

Our objective is to support those making decisions that will influence a place, to consider the consequence of that decision on all the evidenced features of places that impact people’s health and wellbeing. To support our partners in reducing the negative impact of any unintended consequences being brought into the decision making process.

Shaping Places for Wellbeing Programme Summary

A summary report has been published.

Read the summary report here
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