Climate Adaptation

Climate adaptation is about taking action to increase our resilience to the impacts of climate change. These changes will be necessary, but working in a joined-up and place based way can ensure that a wide range of benefits are achieved.

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Climate Mitigation

Climate mitigation refers to reducing the amount of greenhouses gases that we are producing and releasing into the air, or to increasing the storage of carbon, for example in peat lands. This means encouraging low carbon lifestyles by supporting individuals to change behaviours, as well changing building and manufacturing processes and land use.

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Just Transition

The changes required to tackle climate change will be significant. The Climate Change Act 2019 embeds the principles of a just transition; this means that as we reduce our emissions and respond to a changing climate, our journey is fair and creates a better future for everyone – regardless of where they live, what they do, and who they are.

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Behaviour Change

As well as ensuring places support low carbon living and are adapted to climate change, it is important to consider how individual people’s behaviours impact on climate change and how to encourage low carbon behaviours.

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