Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. The earth’s natural assets, made up of plants, animals, land, water, the atmosphere and humans form the planet’s ecosystem. It underpins the health of the planet and directly impacts on all our lives. It is essential for sustaining the ecosystems that provide us with food, fuel, health, wealth and other vital services.

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Green and blue infrastructure

Green and Blue Infrastructure is the strategic planning and design of landscape elements as a network of natural and semi-natural areas that can support adaptation and resilience to climate change, halt loss of and promote the restoration of biodiversity and help contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

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Nature Based Solutions

Nature Based Solutions are a means of taking action to tackle the issues we face in society in relation to our environment. Inspired by the way in which nature functions, solutions can be derived that build resilience to current and future challenges around climate and environment while offering societal and economic benefits.

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Air Quality

The air quality we experience in our daily lives impacts on our health and the environment. While there are natural phenomena that can impact negatively on our air quality, the air around us is mainly affected by particulates released into the air through human activities such as transport and industry, energy and agriculture, and some household activities such as heating and cooking. Air pollution can cause diseases, allergies and even death and can cause problems to other living organisms such as our natural environment, animals and food crops.

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Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless, defective and of no use.

Waste can be a subjective term – what one person deems as waste, can be a resource for another and in a circular economy, products are used and re-used, extracting maximum value and recycling at the end of that use cycle.

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