Make Space for Girls are an organisation that campaign and provide practical support for parks and public spaces to be designed for girls and young women, not just boys and young men.

Parks, play equipment and public spaces for older children and teenagers are currently designed for the default male. It’s time to make space for girls.

Make Space for Girls

Make Space for Girls raise awareness of the issues, as well as using research and campaigning to ensure that the voices of girls and young women are heard in the planning process. They place teenage girls at the centre of their work - because they are the experts on their local spaces and understand how to make things better. And there is no ‘one size fits everyone’; all their voices need to be heard for change to happen.
They work on a range of projects which improve parks and other outdoor spaces in order to support opportunities for teenage girls and improve their mental and physical well-being and their access to public space. They  collaborate with a wide range of institutions, including universities, health trusts, councils and developers to create change.
The Make Space for Girls website is packed full of useful information - evidence, case studies, and practical resources that can help you take projects forward in a way that is more inclusive. You can also sign up for their inspiring newsletter.

Make Space for Girls website

The Make Space for Girls website provides information and practical resources to get you started making play spaces and public spaces more inclusive.   There are specific sections for councils, architects and developers, as well as supporters.

Visit the Make Space for Girls website
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