The below resources have been assembled to help you get started on running your session. Feel free to adapt them to suit the needs of your Climate lens assessment or develop your own resources. We'd love to hear from you at if you would like to share them, as we hope to add to the list over time.

Introductory slides

A base template for some introductory slides can be downloaded. This contains some basic information that can help you get started in your session. These introductory slides can help to introduce the tool and give an overview of how climate change will play out at a local level. They also cover the type of action that will be needed to respond to climate threats and opportunities. You might find it useful to use these as they are or adapt them for your Climate Lens session.

Workshop Introductory Slides

Facilitation slides

This powerpoint presentation contains a method for running a session and capturing feedback interactively. It includes both the standard and climate lens prompts across all 14 themes. This could be used for an online or in person session.

Workshop Category Slides

Template for use with an online whiteboard

You could also record the results of your Place Standard Session uploading this pdf template to an online white board (e.g. Miro, Mural etc.). Tips for how to do this can be found on the first few pages of the resource.

Workshop Category Slides – Whiteboard Use

Print outs

To make sessions easier to organise we have designed print outs of each theme and the associated prompt questions (including original Place Standard tool and climate lens questions) which can be used on tables or when participants are moving around the room as a basis for discussion. They are designed as A6 postcards and can be helpful for in person sessions.

Post Cards

Place Standard Wheel

There is also a downloadable Place Standard Wheel which can be a useful print out to record scores during a session.

Place Standard Wheel