Inclusive communication includes as many people as possible in any communication and through any channel – in person, on the phone, online or on paper. This guide and the resources further down on the page will help you access this in an effective way.

The Place Standard Tool Inclusive Communication Toolkit is a guide with practical tools to help you include more people in your Place Standard activity. The toolkit will help everyone who is involved in planning and running a Place Standard tool session with any group of people or community. It can be used with any of the versions of the tool. The toolkit offers
  • a step-by-step guide to providing a face-to-face communication inclusive Place Standard experience
  • practical resources
You can use the Toolkit alongside the information and guidance for any version of the Place Standard you are using. The toolkit will help you set up an event in an inclusive way, which will help include more citizens in the conversation. The Place Standard materials are based on the core Place Standard tool but the theme names, questions and prompts have been adapted to be more communication inclusive. These materials will help improve the ability of people with communication disadvantage to have their views heard through discussing what is important to them in their everyday lives as part of the Place Standard process.   The materials are currently available for download in word and PowerPoint formats so that they can be adapted as required. If you have the opportunity to use the tools, we would welcome your feedback on how helpful they are, how easy they are to use and any suggestions for improvements. You can contact us at  

Access the Inclusive Communication Toolkit

The Place Standard Tool Inclusive Communication Toolkit is available to download.

Link to the The Place Standard Tool Inclusive Communication Toolkit
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